Welcome to my little corner on the internet, I’m Londage at Home AKA Melanie

Welcome to my little corner on the internet, I’m Londage at Home AKA Melanie
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Hello everyone! Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to visit my website.


I’m so excited to have this space to share my passion for renovation, creating unique items, rescuing and recycling items and generally making things beautiful or making beautiful things. I’m a mom of two, a wife and an artist. We recently renovated a 1970’s home in the outskirts of Denver and we are now taking a house built in 2010 from builder-basic to anything but. Along the way I will also be sharing all the other little things I enjoy creating for our home, lamps and lighting, wreaths, benches and storage etc. Somethings will be salvaged rescues, some will be made from scratch and some will be a long the idea of an Ikea hack. It’ll all depend on what this house needs in each room and what our family needs from the house.

I can’t tell you how excited I am, and how grateful I am to share all of my little adventures (and misadventures) with you!

hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard

I believe Kevin Durant said that, and this might seem like an odd place to find a quote from an NBA player, but I think it’s something important we all need to remember.  Being born naturally good at something is AWESOME but the real gift is passion.  So pursue your dreams whether that means making cupcakes, or helping people get fit, or grooming dogs.  Just be the best at it you can be and work hard at it everyday and amazing things will happen.

This post includes affiliate links to products.  I may receive a commission if products are purchased through the provided links.  My full disclosure statement can be found here.


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