How to install glass shelves for less!

How to install glass shelves for less!
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How to install Glass shelves!


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Adding glass shelves to a recessed window is not only lovely, it’s also probably easier than you think.  Another reason to consider this project for your recessed window is that, because the shelves themselves are glass you will not impact the visibility through your window, or detract from the light airy feeling that windows offer a room.

First things first: 

contact any glass cutter in your area.  I literally googled glass cutter and a guy came up in my neighborhood, I had my glass cut and in my hands within a couple hours.  I did ask him to have one edge polished.  what polishing does is makes the edge safer for your hands and gives it a softer appearance.

Heres a list of common options, I simply requested “Flat Polish”.

  • Flat Polished
  • Pencil Polished
  • Chamfer
  • Beveled
  • Double Bevelled
  • Bullnose
  • Mitered


My two pieces of glass together cost me $75.  when I look at the final effect I feel that $75 is well worth it. To put that price in perspective, my two shelves were 10″ x 23 1/2″.

Photo credit Home Depot, this is a screen shot from their website.

Next I bought quarter round and square trim from Home Depot.  Quarter round is in the trip section and is sold by the foot. you have some options to choose from.

MDF White quarter round for $.90/foot

Wood Grain quarter round for $0.54/foot 

and a few others, but thats enough to give you an idea of what you’d be looking for.  you can cut it yourself at Home Depot’s handy dandy cutting station and they’ll measure it at check out and price it accordingly.  Ultimately, you’ll want 4 quarter round pieces (or two quarter round and two square trim pieces) cut to the depth of your window for each glass shelf you’re installing.

Use quarter round or square trim pieces of wood to hold up the glass shelf. repeat on top of the shelf to secure it in place.

I used both liquid nails and screws to attach the trim to the interior of the window.  One on each side of the window below the shelf, then after placing the shelf I added two more (quarter round just with the liquid nails) to the top, one on each side.


Repeat these steps for as many shelves as you plan to add.




As a side note: I ended up painting all my wood pieces to match the wall color, I think white would have also looked nice.  I recommend do any painting you’d like to do before placing the shelves.  in addition a nice bead of caulk would add a finished appearance but I knew I was putting up curtains so I was not concerned with in on this project.

Glass shelves for recessed bathroom window. Light and airy storage addition and doesn’t interrupt light coming in from the window.

Adding glass shelves to a recessed window is not only lovely, it’s also probably easier than you think.

-Londage at Home

And that’s it! you’ve added storage to your bathroom in a beautiful way, with out interrupting the light from the window.

As always, thank you for stopping by my page, I truly enjoy sharing my experiences fixing up my home with you.

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