Cost Breakdown for Stone Accent Wall with Comparison Costs

Cost Breakdown for Stone Accent Wall with Comparison Costs
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Cost of my Stone Accent Wall and How I saved HUNDREDS

This Post’s sole intention is to breakdown the costs of my stone accent wall, and compare those costs to what might have been.

Spoiler alert: I saved a TON of $$$$$

Thanks for stopping by!  Check out some of my posts on home improvement and DIY projects while you’re here!  You’ll find this stone wall in a tutorial over on a my Home improvement page!

This post includes affiliate links to products.  I may receive a commission if products are purchased through the provided links.  My full disclosure statement can be found here

I get images all the time from the amazing folks over at Pixabay (for free) go check ’em out!
Stones $150 – 20% discount = $120

I bought my stone at Habitat for Humanity Restore.  The pallet was tagged at $150 and they friendly employees volunteered a 20% discount.

1 bag of quickset mortar $16.50

I bought Versabond premixed (meaning the dry powder you have to add water to) quickset bonding mortar at Home Depot

Shims $4

This price is for 2 packs, maybe you have some, maybe you won’t need them for you project but this was part of my cost. This link is not the exact product I used, I’m only putting it here for your convenience and so that you can see what a shim is if you’re not already familiar.

Concrete backer boards 3 $10 each

The backer board was necessary because the stone I used was heavy.  I bought Wonderboard Lite Sheets from Home Depot in their building materials section Applying the stone directly to the papery surface drywall would have resulted in the stone vacade eventually (if not immediately) pulling away from the drywall and falling in my lap as I sit here typing away on my computer.  these boards are 3 feet by 5 feet and I needed 3 to cover my wall.  This link to the backer board on Home Depot’s site also has a video showing how you cut and snap these boards to get the sizes you need.

Cement screws one box $7.50

The screws are for attaching the backer boards to the wall, directly attaching them to the studs.

Grout $15

The grout I chose was an earth color (brown) and I found it in the tile section at home depot. It’s called “sanded grout” meaning it’s literally sand, it’ll need to be mixed with water when you’re ready to use it.  There are premixed options but much more expensive. I also would have need to buy two.

Mixing wand $6

This is a metal wand used in conjunction with your electric drill gun to mix your mortar.  it’s not strictly necessary but it sure does come in handy! I probably mixed between 5 and 6 batched of mortar.  This link, which looks like the same thing I bought, might be larger than I used because it costs more but I was unable to find a link that matches what I bought and what I paid online.  you’ll see what I purchased in-store below but I’m including this link just to show what it is I’m referring to.

Grout bag $15

The grout bag can be found in the masonry section of your local Home Depot.  For me that was an end cap in the building material section by the tool rentals.  It’s basically a large version of what you’d use to apply icing  to a cupcake.  It’s perfect for wedging the grout between the stones after they’ve been applied to the wall.  I’m looking on Amazon and seeing a lot cheaper prices on this, I should have shopped around.  I’ll include a link here to one for $6 but I’m not able to say I’ve used it, just that it’s a third of the price.

Stone outlet cover $7

Not truly an essential part of the cost but it made a bit difference to the over all final appearance. I bought our outlet cover on Amazon and couldn’t have been happier with it.

Total cost (drum roll please)



Spoiler alert!!  Theres an update at the end of this post where I’ve added ANOTHER stone wall!  Cost per square foot is at about $2.11!! Find out how!


Head over to page two if you’re interested in seeing some information about what it MIGHT have cost had I not saved a ton of money doing it the way I’ve described in my post about the installation of this stone wall.



SaveSaveAmazon always has awesome deals on everything I’m looking for!

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