Stone Accent Wall DIY

Stone Accent Wall DIY
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Today I’m sharing how I installed

A Stone Accent Wall


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This little alcove might have been meant for a bar but I really wanted a desk space in the common living area.

This is a large wall to attempt stone on for the first time, but I was determined to have it.

I know a lot of people prefer a quieter area to jump on their computer. it occurred to me when I was making the floating desk for this space that it would also make a perfect project for converting a closet in a guest bedroom, den, or loft. If you’d like to check out how I made the floating desk click here. In this post I’m going to share the install of the stone,  there are two other posts containing the price breakdown with a comparison to Airstone and a post about the grout that I did to finish of the esthetic of the stone facade.  The cost breakdown is important here because this stone was going to cost $500+ when I originally priced it.  Honestly, it was probably not going to happen. $500 was just way too much, but I ended up only spending a little over $200. For me thats a reasonable price for a nice, but not extravagant, piece of art to hang on the wall and that’s kind of how I was thinking of the cost here, as art for my wall. If you’d like to look at the price breakdown before reviewing the rest of the tutorial click here. Additionally, the grout is equally important.  I planned to do a dry stack with the stone, which just means lay the stone pieces directly on top of each other with out spaces between them for grout.  To keep the over all appearance of the stacked stone level, I realized I was needing to use shims.  More shims, in fact, as I went up.  Continually correcting the unevenness the natural stone was prone to.  Because of the use of the shims, at the end of install I was left with some unsightly gapping.

What do I fill gapping in a dry stack stone accent wall with?

  Grout was the perfect solution, and it turned out looking absolutely perfect! The tutorial on HOW to do the grout is coming soon and I’llupdate this post with a link as soon as it’s up and ready for your review.  Scroll down for page two.

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What a HUGE difference the grout made! And for very little cost.


Scroll down for page 2!

UPDATE!  Since the this article posted I’ve added a second stone wall to my home!  My current running total is $2.11 / square foot!  Don’t miss my post about the cost of these projects!

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