How to Age Wood, cheap pine common board

How to Age Wood, cheap pine common board
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Photo bomb: boxed wine

I started with my darkest stain.  I used an inexpensive wooden paint brush to work the darkest color into the seams and along the edges. Then with a plain cotton cloth (I usually keep old T-shirts to keep myself in stock) I rubbed the these seams until it was blended.

Keep reapplying and blending – don’t miss the edges.

Eventually you’ll get a rich darkened edge.  It also almost looks like a burned wood, which I happen to like.

Next, still with you’re cotton cloth, you’ll start blending from your edges toward the center of each piece of wood with the Pecan (or medium stain) with the cherry being the inner most color.  keep adding and blending until you have reached your desired look.  it’s really that simple.

What I did next was to rough up the wood.  I used a wood chisel and a flat head screw driver to gouge and scrape the wood.  Once I had some roughened spots I hand sanded those spots to get off any splinters and went back in with may darkest stain and my wooden brush, blending it out again back toward what was already dark (our edges) with the cotton cloth.   Keep adding you’re alternating stains and blending.  The key is to keep any edges, in this case that included the seams and any “damage” you added, as the darkest parts and getting lighter and richer as as you go inward.  Have some fun with it! I’m using scrap wood for this project, make your scrap wood pile your practice wood, no harm to foul! Finish off your wood with a good polyurethane and call it a day! Thank you, as always for stopping by my little corner on the internet.  I love sharing my home improvement and DIY adventures with you.  I truly hope that in sharing these projects, I’m offering you something valuable, that you can use yourself. Like, Share, Comment – thank you so much! SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave

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