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How To Install Free Fonts On a Mac (and a freebie too!)

How To Install Free Fonts On a Mac (and a freebie too!)
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First! Go get some fonts!


Just download to your little hearts content, I’ve never seen them charge anything, they are just THAT awesome!

To get you started, heres 20 of my favorites!

  1. Lilly of the Valley
  2. Clementine Sketch
  3. Made With B
  4. Offerings
  5. Carte Blanch
  6. Windsor Hand
  7. Return to Sender
  8. Mathilde
  9. Respective
  10. English Essay
  11. Roskrift
  12. Grutch Shaded
  13. A Song For Jennifer
  14. Stardust Adventure
  15. Chalk Outline
  16. Simon Script
  17. Appleberry
  18. KG Skinny Latte
  19. MTF Epic
  20. Elegant Handwriting


Now that you have some lovely new fonts, you want to be able to use them, right? How do you get them from their font files to the programs you want to use them in? Like Word, or photoshop?

If you’re on a Mac, like I am, One click and drag will make these beauties available in your intended applications.

Move them from your downloads into a new file, name it, oh I don’t know “fonts” – you know, be cryptic and mysterious.

Click anywhere on your home screen so your finder menu is in your top menu bar. Click on “Go” and them “Computer”.

Believe it or not you’re almost done.

Ok, next up, you need to be in your “HD drive”, click on it and this will get you to a screen were you can select “library”.  Now that you’re in library you’re looking for “fonts” – yup! more cryptic mysteriousness, it’s a Mac thang.

Scroll down for page 2!

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