A Little Tree Stump Picnic Table DIY and Two Quick Tips in One!

A Little Tree Stump Picnic Table DIY and Two Quick Tips in One!
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Quick Tip #1: Cutting a Round Table Top,

or anything that you need to be round at the end game.

Quick Tip #2: How to create a secure umbrella pole attachment on a budget.


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First, I’ll show this lovely picnic table I made for my kids from a very weird 9 foot tree stump left in our yard by the previous owners.

Pretty cute right!?!

The tables not bad either! =)

As I’ve said, the previous owners of our house left behind a curiosity.  A nine foot(ish) tree stump.  they must have had a plan for it, but I don’t know what it was.  All I knew was that it wasn’t going to go to waste!

With the help of my dad (and his chainsaw) we cut the stump down to a predetermined table height. Then we cut the removed portion into four “stools” I treated the sump and the stools with linseed oil to protect it but I’ve read that a polyurethane (because it’s outdoors) might be better protection.

Now I need a table top

I bought three 1x6x8 foot pine common boards (cuz they’re super cheap) and had them all cut in half at Home Depot before taking them home.  Really check your boards over while picking them out, because they are cheap they can also be damaged or warped.  Picking carefully will save you time and hassle down the line.

I laid out all four boards and hammered a small nail into the “center” (middle-ish really cuz it wasn’t cut yet).  I tied a string to the nail and tied a pencil to the other end of the string.  Just kind of eyeballing about the size I wanted, around I went with the pencil.  I went around a few time cuz I wanted a nice clear line.  One at a time I cut each side of each board with a jig saw (or sabre saw it’s sometimes called) until I could lay them back to gather and see my circle.   I used Simpson strong ties from the building materials section at Home Depot to attach my planks and done! Well, I still needed to stain and use a polyurethane that’s meant for the outdoors, but the heavy lifting was done.

I went back in after it was assembled and did some fine tuning, just to smooth it out and also sanded all my edges.  I don’t know about you, but my jig saw blade tends to get a little bent and that makes for less than perfect sides.  This was an outdoor table for kids though and this was perfect for what I needed.  Next up I attached my table top to the stump with four inch deck screws.

What’s missing? Oh yea! The umbrella!

It’s hot in Colorado in the summer, and the kids could not comfortably sit at this little table and eat their lunch with out some shade.  I looked online for a way to attach an umbrella into the table surface and wasn’t finding what I wanted.  Mostly not anything at all, but even what I found was pricey for some odd reason.  So I kept thinking on it and eventually came up with this solution.  I used a paddle bit and bit extension, to drill deep into the table stump (and thru the table top).  I bought a piece of 15″ long PVC pipe and used a rubber mallet to hammer it into the hole.  It was SNUG, it wasn’t going anywhere .

Hi Puppy!

That’s Clover, she’s a rescue from a kill shelter in Texas.  She’s the sweetyest, smartyest girl ever.

As you can see my umbrella is pretty snug in there too but a bit of wind and off it would come.  So lastly I drilled a hole right through the PVC and the umbrella shaft and stuck a bolt through it to hold it in place.  This worked out great because I had two very low stumps by the kid’s sandbox that I did the same process to, and we were able to shift the umbrella for that area back and forth for morning and afternoon sun – just by pulling the bolt, moving to it’s other location and replacing the bold, easy peasy (and cheapy cheapy).

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Those are my two quick tips today

– the cutting of a round surface, and using a PVC pipe to hold your umbrella. I hope you enjoyed the read and more importantly I hope this was useful information for you!

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