Mini Mudroom Behind a Staircase

Mini Mudroom Behind a Staircase
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Today I’m sharing how I repurposed a dark little closet behind the stairs into a mini mudroom for the kids.  You might be thinking, I don’t have a closet behind the stairs! well, no problem –

The methods I used to add the molding to the wall and build and install the bench are money saving magic!

I spent less than $100 to create this little hiddey whole of organization.

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I started off by adding the molding to the walls.  I used cheap common boards, being very careful to select the boards in the BEST possible shape, including bends.  Common boards are in the building material section at Home Depot and basically they are just very inexpensive 8 foot pine boards that come in varying widths.

What I’ve used below are 1″ x 2″ and 1″ x 4″

That top horizontal board is in studs, I’m not a stud savant so I use a stud finder.  I’d love to put those vertical boards in studs too but with the spacing it just wasn’t going to happen.  So I put those up with finishing nails, it would not last except that I added caulk.

Once the caulk is dry its really on there.

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