Mini Mudroom Behind a Staircase

Mini Mudroom Behind a Staircase
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Next up – I need a cap at the top of my molding, this will give it amore finished look at the end.  For my “cap” piece I used lattice.  Lattice is found in the moldings section at your local hardware store.  At Home Depot it looks like this.

this is priced per foot, so I generally use the cutting station and cut it to the size I need before leaving the store.  While here I’m also going to pick up Cove Pine, and I’ll explain that in a minute.  It will need to be the same length as my lattice.

I attached the lattice to the top of my existing install with finishing nails and again caulk.  The Cove Pine goes at the bottom.  The reason I do it this was is that my baseboards are extremely narrow at the top.  Putting a piece of 1″ x 2″ directly on top of it would look odd.  So I need this space and the cove pine to make it look more natural.  Some people choose to use lattice here as well as at the top, it’s just personal preference.

This was, again, attached with finishing nails and caulk.  Now I fill my nail holes and sand everything down with my palm sander.

Ready for paint!

I’m already loving it!

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