Adding Grout to a Stone Wall

Adding Grout to a Stone Wall
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Adding Grout to a Stone Wall


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When I started installing my Stone accent wall, I thought I was doing a dry stack.  Dry stack, meaning the stones lay directly on top of one another with out apps in between.  In fact, that was the method I was using but the remnant stone I bought at Habitat for Humanity ReStore wasn’t cooperating with my plans.

If you want to make god laugh, tell him your plans, Woody Allen

I talk about the problems I had with keeping the over all wall appearance level in my post HERE about the install of this stone accent wall. SPOILER ALERT: It turned out AWESOME!

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The DIY for the floating desk (UNDER $50!) HERE.

I needed to add grout because there was some unsightly gapping between the stones.  This happens during install, or over time, for a number of things.  The collection of stone may not be flat enough to do a dry stack, you may have less experience (like me!), you also may have an old stone wall that has some loss of grout.  No matter the reason for needed the grout, this is how I fixed the problem.

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  • I hate grouting, it’s so mess. Any tips on dealing with the mess?

    • Not really other than to just roll with it. it’s going to be a mess, no way around it. It’s like those rare occasions you need to use a sander indoors. it is what it is and when it’s done theres no permanent damage just a mess. =)


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