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Quick Tip! Touch up a warn out basket for pennies!

Quick Tip!  Touch up a warn out basket for pennies!
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Quick Tip!

Use wood stain to touch up a warn out basket!


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Maybe your own, once beautiful, basket has been well over and a bit warn.  Maybe a cute basket catches your eye at a flea market, that needs some love.  What ever your basket-case 

Let’s fix it up!

Grab some wood stain, something thats ALWAYS in my garage some old English furniture polish.  Either is fine, in this case I’m using wood stain because I had it on hand.  Choose something in the same color family, like on this basket for example I used a wood stain color thats called Kona.  It’s very similar to like an espresso.  If you don’t have wood stain that is going to match your basket and don’t want to buy a whole can of stain – you can just pick up a stain pen.

Wither way it’s just dab and dry.

is it perfect? No.  Does it look one heck of a lot better?? Absolutely!!

Thanks, as always for stopping by to join me in my little adventures!

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