Make a Subtle and Inexpensive Accent Wall

Make a Subtle and Inexpensive Accent Wall
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Making an Accent Wall Doesn’t Need To Be

Difficult or Expensive

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This striped wall came from sheer desperation.  I was thinking of putting my house on the market, and I had NOTHING to hang on this wall.  It was just a big flat blank surface.  Inspired no excitement or life in the space.

I started by picking one of my favorite interior grays and painted the whole wall in a flat (no sheen or shine) paint.

Then I went in with my measuring tape and marked off a pleasing width that fit the height of the wall.  I marked in several spots all the way across, double checking with a yard length level.  They are pretty big, like “6 – 7” I don’t remember the exact number.  Then I went in with my painters tape leaving every other stripe open to be painted.

With the same Color paint but in a HIGH gloss, I started

filling in the (every other) stripes.

It has a surprising impact on the wall.  It’s very decorative with out being a distraction or demanding your attention.

Depending on where you’re at in the room, and how the light is hitting it, it’s more or less subtle.

This was the photo we ended up with and I thought it looked pretty great!  Its still just a wall, but you’r not wandering, why is that SO blank?  I thought it was a pretty neat trick on the eye.

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