Use your scrap wood to make something unique and beautiful!

Use your scrap wood to make something unique and beautiful!
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Making a wood bench from my scrap wood pile!

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I needed a bench for my mini – mudroom and wanted to use some hairpin legs.  This just in: hairpin legs are expensive! I paid $17 each for them and only bought two. At $34 is was actually my most expensive purchase in this little mudroom.  That all being said, I wanted to use something beautiful as the bench surface but didn’t have anything left in the budget.  I was stuck on it for a bit until, I noticed my scrap wood pile.  I thought – you know what would make a really unique bench surface?  Geometric wood tile! It also happen to be free, so win – win!

This post contains the method I used to assemble my scrap wood.  If you stopped by just to see the weathered look I gave the wood you can click here to read about it!

This was actually a very easy assembly, and I hope you find it useful!  I started by laying out the basic geometric look I wanted, in a large enough starting shape, that I could trim it into the size I ultimately wanted.

Then I used a carpenter’s square to trace out the shape I wanted.  I used the square only to ensure 90 degree corners and straight lines.  Then piece by piece I started making my cuts on my table saw.  Might just be me but, it does help to take these pictures – as I’m cutting putting this puzzle back together started getting confusing! Yea, it’s probably just me =)

Next up connecting the pieces!

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