Use your scrap wood to make something unique and beautiful!

Use your scrap wood to make something unique and beautiful!
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Now to connect all my puzzle pieces!

I use thin sheets of wood in various projects and had some laying around.  To give you the reference though it’s found in the building material section of any Home Depot.

The one I’m using is 0.196 inches thick, so pretty thin.  I used wood glue to glue the pieces both to each other on their sides and to the plywood. Once the glue was all in place and the pieces were where I wanted them I laid heavy stone on it, the pressure is just to help it adhere better.

When the glue was dry I trimmed off the excess on my table saw.

Now that it’s all assembled, I sanded it down and did my staining process.  Again, those details are in another post because it’s not necessarily relevant to to using scrap pieces of wood to make something.  If you are interested in that process though, click here to read about that.  It does actually give a very rich look to very cheap, common-pine boards.

Additionally the rest of the assembly involves the molding thats on the walls in my mudroom.  The reason for this is that the price of the hairpin legs was enough that I didn’t want to buy more than two.  I opted instead to retrofit the backside of the bench into the wall molding to support the back of the bench.  If you’re interested in seeing the install of the molding click here, there are many money saving tips in the post as well.

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