How to Make Brick Look like New!

How to Make Brick Look like New!
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How to Make Brick Look Like New

When it Just Won’t Come Clean

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When we bought our 1970’s house I thought “man that brick is DIRTY” and it was.  What I didn’t know was that no matter how many ways I tried to clean it, it was never going to come clean or even look like anything other than gray mud. My first thought was white wash but my concern was that, since the brick color under the white wash would still be gray mud, it wouldn’t look like the pictures of white wash brick I was seeing online.

I left it. I wanted it fixed, I really did, but I felt stuck.  I didn’t want to ruin it.  Finally one day I went, you know what? It CANNOT look any worse. I still wasn’t going to do the white wash because I was more confident that it would NOT look like white wash than I was that it would.

One day at Home Depot I saw concrete stain.  On a whim I bought it.  I figured, I’ll try a tiny piece.  It CANNOT look any worse.

Concrete stain comes in a wide variety of colors.  Probably because I was a little nervous about doing it, I went with a brick red color.  In about 15 minutes, I’d lightly brushed the concrete stain on with a cheap paint brush, and it was like a brand new brick fireplace!

What a huge difference!! I was so happy, not to mentioned received because I knew SOMETHING had to be done, I just didn’t know what that would be.  More importantly, I didn’t know how much that would cost.  For about $30 I thought the impact was worth the money!

I really thought about going back, and now doing the white wash.  Now that the brick color was fixed I still think that the white wash would have looked more modern.  Plain fact it, I never got around to it and my husband was never 100% on board with the white was.  So brick it stayed, but it was such as improvement I didn’t care as much.

Here’s where I shamelessly share an adorable picture of my daughter I took for her First Day of Pre- K Facebook post. ♥

I hope this has been helpful, and more importantly useful.

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