A Wooden Countertop Bathroom Vanity!

A Wooden Countertop Bathroom Vanity!
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Back home to start cutting!


First I had to pull of my old sink.  This will be a case by case scenario so I’ll just tell you for me that meant FIRST shut off the water, there will be two faucet knobs under your sink (one for hot one for cold) and you just need to crank those righty tighty.  Once you believe the water is off turn the sink on, no water?  You’re in business!  Next disconnect the faucet and remove it.  Then, in my case, the sink was just a matter of cutting the grout with a straight razor blade and prying it away with a crowbar.  mine was glued on, YAY! =/ This was going to mean wall damage but I’ll deal with that later.

Next, I made a pattern for my countertop with a piece of cardboard.  measuring it would have worked fine, so if you don’t financially order from Amazon and don’t have a bunch of boxes lying around – no biggie.   I traced the cardboard, giving myself a good two inch over hang.  The reason I did this is because by boards aren’t connected to each other yet and I want to have some extra inches to do my final cuts all as one piece.

I also wanted to add some variation in widths to my boards.  before trimming I ran a few of the boards length-wise through my table saw to trim them thinner.  The reason I did these length-wise cuts before trimming is because you lose about 1/8″ to your sawdust pile overtime you make a cut (depending on your blade) and I wanted my edges to line up. So length-wise cuts done (not a necessary step, just an aesthetic choice) I was ready to trim.  one board at a time went onto the table saw and after each board was cut on it’s traced line I had this. Again, these are common pine boards.  So before I start staining these bad boys I need wood conditioner.  This is my personal opinion, some people say these boards stain up fine, I feel like they get a little muddy with out wood conditioner.  When the wood conditioner was dry I was ready to stain.

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