A Wooden Countertop Bathroom Vanity!

A Wooden Countertop Bathroom Vanity!
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Now I’m ready for some color!


I used different stains to give it a color variation.  Again, just an aesthetic choice.  Once all my stain was done it was time to connect the boards.  I used wood glue and clamps to do just a few boards at a time.  Giving each section a good 30 minutes to dry before adding more.

When all the glue was dry and all the pieces were connected,
I flipped it over and added the support brackets.

Final cuts!

I flipped it several times cutting it down to the actual size I needed.  Checking it again and again for length and with.  The reason for the small cuts, and turning it is that as you’re doing this it will self straighten.  You don’t have to do it this way, if you’re super steady with your circular saw that would probably work too.  If I didn’t have a table saw I wouldn’t have not done this project, it may just have meant a little sanding for me. I do have a super cool table saw though so that’s what I used! By this time my vessel sink and faucet had come in the mail (spoiler alert I got the entire set for $109!) So this pic is just a sneak preview!

After 6 coats of outdoor polyurethane (to protect from water), I still needed to connect the sink to the counter top, make a backsplash to cover the damage I caused by removing the old sink, and do a wood trim surrounding the base.

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