How To Save Thousands On Furniture For your New or First Home!

How To Save Thousands On Furniture For your New or First Home!
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This post will be a running tally of what I’ve spent on furniture for
my home and How I’ve saved along the way!


Today as I start this post I’ve spent


total on 5 pieces of furniture!

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Below you’ll see a before and after of each piece, either made by me or bought cheap and fixed up.  I’ll detail how much I spent, where I bought it and put a link in to the details about the how!

I don’t count things like stain, sandpaper, or even paint IF I already had it on hand. If I have to buy something special for a project – that COUNTS!  Even in that case though I almost always have a money saving trick up my sleeve!

I’ll keep updating as furniture is added and my goal is to see how many pieces I can add for $500 <— if it goes well I’ll someday change this number here to $1000!

PIECE NUMBER 1! Desk – $44

This was an empty alcove off my dining room and I decided I needed my desk there.  I spent $44 <—— I JUST said I wasn’t counting stain and such but in this case, I’d JUST moved (out of state) and I had nothing so I’m counting a can of stain and a small wood conditioner here. P.S. This desk is 7 FEET WIDE, HUGE! Check out all the details by clicking here!

Piece Number 2! Mini – Mudroom BENCH $34!

There is a post about how I made this beautiful bench from scrap wood (aging / weathering cheap pine for a rich look) and hairpin legs for $34!  There is also a post, if you’re interested, about how I did that molding on the wall.

Spoiler alert: on the cheap!! The entire room – the molding on the wall, the storage at the back and the little bench was all under $100!

Piece Number 3!

Round Dining Room Table $15!

I bought this table off Facebook Marketplace for $15!  It was originally listed for $20, which was already crazy cheap and then when I messaged the guy he said “I can give it to you for $15 if you can pick it up today!” Like he was just so desperate to get rid of this garbage that was taking up space in his garage.

To be fair it was in rough shape.  It had several coats of paint on it including some paint spills =\ poor table, poor poor table.
New post is coming soon, and I’ll update this post with a link when it’s ready for your reading pleasure =)

Piece Number 4! Laundry Room

Folding Table / Countertop for $50!

This is actually on the expensive side for my projects but I REALLY needed / wanted it.  Plus its HUGE, it’s over 5 feet wide and more than 3 feet deep.  My laundry room is pretty terrible but this first project has already made a huge difference in there.  Just having a surface to fold clothes on! phew, plus a little warmth and earthyness from the wood.

This Post lives HERE <—– check out all the details!

Piece 5! Bankers Desk Chair for $20 from Basic to Beautiful!

See all the details on the chair HERE!


So I know a lot of projects like this one – where there’s a chalk paint laid down and then an antiquing product over it – can be really expensive.  Can I tell you a secret? you don’t actually have to buy those pricey products!  Waxing furniture has been around for over a hundred years.  It’s recently been reintroduced to the public by Annie Sloan and Amy Howard and others in a very expensive format.  I spend VERY little on products and get a very similar look (in my opinion) I used the same products on this vanity (this isn’t part of my list of furniture!). Pretty right? I like it =)

This post lives HERE!







Soon to come will be this sweat little rocking chair I bought at a thrift store in Colorado for $8 and a piano I got as a trade for some window treatments!








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