Installing a Vessel Sink

Installing a Vessel Sink
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Installing a vessel sink

To replace a vessel sink, or install a vessel sink where you’ve replaced the counter top can be a case by case scenario.  So instead of trying to tell you HOW to do it I’m going to share what we needed to do, in our situation, so you have an idea of what there is to consider.

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This post will focus on the vessel sink.  If you’d like info about the wooden countertop (how to make and install) please click HERE.

Additionally the color treatment to the base is also on another post, and you can click HERE to read about that.

First, this is about a level 2 on a scale from 1 – 5 difficulty level.  There is some light plumbing (in our case) and I will show you how we made that part a little easier on ourselves.  The reason for the plumbing changes was that we moved the sink from the center of the previous vanity top tot he left to add more counter space.

This is what I started with: Lovely right? NO?

Thats ok I didn’t think so either =).  Not only ugly and basic but also STAINED yellow.  So that went, and I installed a wood counter top.

With the countertop, this is what it’s about to look like!

OK now, vessel sinks!  you can get them all over the place and pay anywhere from about $50 to a house payment. What really gets you is the faucet! ugh so expensive!  Asthetically each project has some decisions to make but I’m going to share the set I bought because I’m very happy with it and because, by “set”, I mean the whole kit and kaboodle.  In this set we received the sink, the drain, the drain plug and the faucet, it was about $110 on Amazon.  I’m an affiliate for Amazon and I may get a small commission if you buy items after clicking on my links, but I really did buy this set and I really am quite happy with it.  Some of the reviews say that the faucet had some spitting issues but mine hasn’t done anything like that.  I waited a couple of months before writing this post to be sure I was still happy with it.  If I’m ever not happy with it I’ll be back on here updating this blog with that information. Some projects might want a completely different look anyway, I know I originally wanted a white porcelain vessel sink for this countertop but I got out voted =).

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