Laundry Room Countertop Above Those Front Load Washer and Dryers!

Laundry Room Countertop Above Those Front Load Washer and Dryers!
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Adding this countertop space in my laudry room has made a world of difference for me!


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Anyone else need more folding space in their laundry room?  I know I did.  My laundry room is actually pretty hopeless even still.  It’s an awkward layout and there’s really nowhere to fold or hang things.  Theres loads of storage, it has a closet, but I really laundry laundry room conveniences.  Doing laundry is bad enough, but when you’re further inconvenienced by a bad laundry room it’s just awful!

The Before Picture

My secret? Audiobooks.  I’m completely addicted.  I’m not an affiliate for Audible but I am an affiliate for Amazon so I should probably mention that here. What that means is that I can get a small commission for links that you click on in my website, I don’t actually get paid for telling you to go check out Audible, and I am truly addicted.  I must have a story told to me during all unpleasant chores!  Some day I’ll have a page for all my favorite books but for now I’ll just say check it out – it’s awesome! Back to the laundry room.  Mine sucked.  It’s sucks actually but it’s a lot better today than it was yesterday, because I added a countertop above my washer and dryer for folding clothes and putting laundry baskets, etc. This counter space is huge.  You can’t really tell in the photos (not the best photographer, something I’m working on – if you have a tips HOLLA).  The dimensions are more than 6 feet long by more than 3 feet deep.  So roughly the size or a smaller dinning room table. The materials cost about $50 and if you read any of my other posts you already know that’s a lot for me to spend on a project.  Really really needed this countertop though.  What I love about it is that it’s not only convenient, it also adds some warmth and earthiness to this drab laundry room. After doing the true measurements I was off to Home Depot.  Home Depot really needs to start paying me for the shout outs!  if I had a nickel…. I bought cheap, common pine boards after looking them over for warps and other undesirable conditions.  You can find the common boards in the building materials section.

Discounted wood pile at Home Depot

What worked for my dimensions will undoubtedly not work for yours, if you’re planning a similar project, but I did a mix of 6 inch wide and 8 inch wide boards that came in 8 foot lengths and had them cut to the lengths I needed, which was 62 inches.  The reason I mixed the widths was because I needed to get as close to the depth I wanted with out buying any extra boards.  Basically I stood there working it out with boards laying on Home Depot’s floor until I had the cheapest way to do it possible. I also needed supports and I chose to use 1″ x 2″s.  The lengths I needed were the depth measurement x 2.  I picked these up in the discounted wood pile (70% off!) back by the cutting station.  The third item on my shopping list was lattice.  Lattice is just really thin boards that you can get in varying widths that are sold by the the foot.

Lattice, this will be the front panel of my countertop

These boards can be found in the trim section, near the building materials.  I chose a one that was I think about 4 inches wide (to spite whats in the image) and I needed it to be the length of the entire counter top 62″.  I cut it there because again it’s priced by the foot and cost is always a factor. If I hadn’t already had it I’d have been buying wood conditioner, sandpaper, stain, and varnish.  I always have those things though so I didn’t need to buy them special for this project. Next I headed deeper into the building materials section for support brackets.   This is what I bought, I grabbed four of them to spread out under the countertop and you’ll see more on that in a bit.             Last I needed screws that were short enough to attach the brackets to my boards without piercing the top of the counter top. I ended up buying 3/4″ screws.

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