Get This (Money Saving) Color Treatment Secret!

Get This (Money Saving) Color Treatment Secret!
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OK Lets Talk Chalk Paint!


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This post includes affiliate links to products.  I may receive a commission if products are purchased through the provided links.  My full disclosure statement can be found here

So, I wanted that oh so popular chalk paint look and I knew I wanted to use an antiquing wax.  I’ve seen HUNDREDS of pieces and cabinets online and with that dreamy antiqued look and I thought YUP thats me!  I need this in my life!  What I kept seeing again was Anie Sloan and Amy Howard and a few other brands that people used to achieve it and I thought THAT’S what I need!  I NEED that stuff to get THIS look.  Unfortunately, using THAT stuff to get THAT look is at a price that doesn’t work for me! So I waited, I though t I need to do this but not at that price, I just can’t do it.

Finally on a whim I bought some insanely cheap chalk paint from Micheal’s for $4.50 (using their weekly ad coupon for 50% off one regular priced item).  It’s a tiny little jar called Americana and it comes it all those antiquey tones of blues, and greens and beige and on and on.  Not only did it work perfectly, but the paint go SOOOO far.  I still have some left over!

The antiquing was I bought (with the coupon) was $5 and the brand is called ArtMinds.

As I said above, My posts contain affiliate links and I am an affiliate for Amazon.  At this time I am not an affiliate for Micheal’s and I just want to say, that I really did buy these products and I really did use and love them.

If there isn’t a Micheal’s by you though, or you just prefer shopping online, you CAN get these paints through Amazon.

Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paint

I was not able to find the exact brand of antiquing was through Amazon, but I think what I learned in this process is just that you don’t necessarily have to use expensive products and brushes to achieve this look.

I started with a white base on my cabinet and cabinet doors and did one coat of the chalk paint over it.  I bought the green color for a bankers desk chair I redid and had a ton left over.  I also bought the blue color thinking I’d use it for the cabinet.  What I ended up doing was mixing the blue and green in a bout equal parts for the cabinet and I still have more than half of each left over after doing both projects.

When it was dry I used one of those cheap wood handle paint brushes to apply the wax.  I had a paper plate handy, which I saw being used in videos I watched about using Annie Sloan products.  I dipped my brush just lightly into the wax and brushed it onto the paper plate getting off the majority that the brush picked up.  All the ridges, the beveling on the frame of the door – thats where I want most of my antiquing wax.  I brushed it on, crossing those ridges – so not up and down with the bevels but against the bevels.  All the way around and on the rim edge of the actual door.  As I worked, when the brush got really low on wax, like I was just about to put more on it, I’d brush some onto the flat surface of the Fram and the flat wood center.


At this point I felt like I’d over done it a bit.  I used steel wool 000 and rubbed over pretty much the whole surface. I really liked what this did.

I did the exact same thing to the actual vanity base and kept working with it until it looked cohesive.  When I put the doors back on, I had to work with it a bit more, having them side by side made all the difference.

Once I got where it needed to be too look like it was always all together as one piece, I covered the whole thing in a flat polyurethane.

I plan to put some type of nobs on it, but I’m waiting to find just the right thing.  If you have a favorite or a suggestion holla!

Let me know what you think of this project in the comments, love it, hate it… think I’m overly excited about saving a few buck… what ever your thoughts are I love to hear them.  Are you a blogger?  leave your blog details below I’d love to see what you’re working on!


This bathroom vanity had a previous life as a builder basic – stained yellow eye sore!


You can click HERE to read about replacing the countertop with wood.

You can also click HERE to read about installing the vessel sink.

SPOILER ALLERT: I saved a TON of money over all on this project and with each stage – the countertop, the sink, and the color treatment – I saved al along the way!

I also did this same process, with the same products on a bankers desk chair that I bought on Facebook Marketplace for $20!  That post is coming soon and I’ll update this post with that link when it’s ready for reading.

I’m on a mission to save money while redoing what needs redoing in our house, reducing the builder basic over – all look of our house, and filling it with much needed furniture on a MAJOR budget.  If you like saving money you may enjoy my post on furniture savings.  basically it’s a running post I update with furniture projects and how much they cost.  As of today, as I’m typing this post up I’m at $170.50 for 5 beautiful pieces!  I either buy them cheap and fix them up or make them myself, and you can too!

The post about the bankers chair makeover lives here!

Post is now live! check it out =)

As always, I love sharing all my DIY adventures and home improvement projects with you! Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to visit my little corner of the internet.

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