Bankers Office Chair Makeover!

Bankers Office Chair Makeover!
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This chair wasn’t in too bad of shape but it WAS extremely basic

and also wasn’t a color of wood that really fits my house,

or more importantly, the desk it was meant for.


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The first thing I did was take it apart.

I knew I wanted to do a two tone and having it in pieces was going to make that easier.  Next I painted my blue/green chalk paint.  I don’t use expensive chalk paints.  I buy Americana, and it’s extremely inexpensive and goes a LONG way.  I didn’t sand any part of the wood I was using chalk paint on, just painted.

As you can see, as pretty as the chalk paint is, it’s also pretty plain looking.  This chair will be partnered to a 100+ year old desk I’ll be refinishing in the next couple of weeks and it needs some character.  When the desk is done and the set is together I’ll update this post with the details about the desk project.

When the back rest and legs were painted and dry I went back in with some antiquing wax.

This photo is from when I did my bathroom vanity, but I used the same products and the post about the bathroom vanity lives HERE.

When I apply the antiquing wax I just use a cheap paint brush, and a paper plate.  I get just a little antiquing wax on the brush and then wipe most back off onto the paper plate, applying just a little at a time to the chair.

I try to stick to the spots that would be rubbed over time and where the paint finish would get warn over time naturally.  Like edges and corners.  When ever I feel like I’ve done too much I use 000 steel wool to rub some out.

Finally I finished it off with some shellac and I was ready to do the darker stain finish to the seat and arms.  I did have to sand these portions but as I knew I’d be going darker I didn’t sand it down to the bare wood, I just roughed it up enough that I felt like it would accept the stain.

I used a very dark espresso stain and when it was dry I added some of the antiquing wax again because I wanted it to look rubbed.  Once it was all dry I applied a flat polyurethane to protect the finish and eventually reassembled the chair.

Don’t you love that color combination?

Don’t mind my computer screen, eye roll – kids =)


I love the final outcome of this chair and I love this technique!

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