Cabinet Doors Turned Into Chalkboards!

Cabinet Doors Turned Into Chalkboards!
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This is A New Way To Think About Old Junky Cabinet Doors,

that would otherwise be in a trash heap!

I don’t know about you but for years I’ve trolled the Habitat for Humanity Restores and other remnant stores and have always seen dozens upon dozens of unattached cabinet doors.  I’ve passed right by them thinking, who’s going to buy those??? Latest answer: ME, me I want to buy them all!!!

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Photo credit: Re Loved By Me

After seeing a post from ReLovedbyMe on Instagram that is!  Re-Loved By Me can also be found on Facebook and is a vintage, hand painted rustic furniture store, based in West Wales.  After see her post, where she turned a kitchen cabinet door into a chalkboard I was sold!  In addition to this brilliant idea, it is well worth your wild to follow Re-Loved By Me for ongoing inspiration and eyeball candy!

As I said I picked up my cabinet doors for this project at Habitat For Humanity ReStore and each were $3.  I also bought chalkboard paint from Micheal’s, it was priced at I think $24, but I had their weekly 40% coupon handy. That price is for a pint of chalkboard paint, which, if you’ve never used before, I’ll tell you goes a loooong way.  What I already had was some crackle finish, various paints, waxes and stains, and some spray paint to choose from back home to make the pretty.  If you prefer to shop online the brand of chalkboard paint I used is available on Amazon (I’m am an Amazon affiliate but this really is the brand I used and I’m happy with it).

In the picture above you see my laundry room.  In another post you can find the details about how I assembled and installed that counter top above my front load washer and dryer.  It was cheap and EASY.  Check that out here.

I bought three to start with, planning to keep one, give one to my daughters 1st grade teacher and one to my mom.  By the end I knew I needed more cabinet doors!

I used a few different methods on the frames of the doors.  One I liberally covered with crackle.  you can lots of different kinds of crackle just be sure that the crackle medium you choose matches the paint you plan to use.  


On another I saw spray painted it pink with Amy Howard spray paint.  What I was digging about this one was that you could still see the wood grain through the spray paint.








While the crackle dried (this takes a while).  I worked on this pink cabinet and the one I decided to leave as natural wood.  This will eventually be the one that ends up in my laundry room.  All I did on the natural wood one was use some dark antiquing wax just to give the grooves a little more depth.

When my crackle was finally dry and ready for paint I lightly dragged a brush with chalk paint on it over the dried crackle.

I’d already started using the chalkboard paint on the other cabinet doors at this point and I realized the first coat was going on super thin.  so on this one I tried something different and painted the entire surface to see if the chalkboard paint went on quicker over a painted surface.  the answer is no, no it does not. =)

So again the first coat goes on very thin, the next thicker coverage and by the third your getting the dark look you’d expect.  you have to wait the 30 minutes between coats – even if it LOOKS dry.  you can pull away your under layer if you do it too early (like I did!).

Time for testing!

Success!  We have chalkboards!

I did also treat the painted surfaces with shellac and put some light flat polyurethane over the natural wood, being sure to avoid the chalkboard surface.

On the the back I attached simple picture hangers and tied a piece of chalk to two of the cabinets.  One of them already had a handy dandy knob to attach the chalk to, one I added a handle to for the chalk ribbon and the third I left off.

All in all this was an extremely easy and fast project! Not to mention inexpensive. O have to admit I want more!!  I’ll be keeping an eye out for cabinet doors for the rest of my days!

I used one of the chalkboards in my mini mudroom in a closet and that was a fun project!! It turned out great and I’m so glad to have it! No more backpacks by the front door, no more shoes all over the floor and no more hoodies slung over my dining room chairs!

If you’re interested in reading about this room you can read about that here.

The little bench in there I made from scrap wood and hairpin legs, that post lives here.

There’s one more post associated with this image and thats the process of aging or weathering the cheap pine I had in my scrap wood pile.  Quick and easy!  Check that out here.

As you can see I ultimately added a little purple spray to the bottom of the door and rouched it up just a bit with some sand paper.  I kinda wish I’l left it in retrospect but I still like it and I’ll have plenty more opportunities to have fun making chalkboard now that I know this little trick!

As always, I love sharing all my DIY adventures and home improvement projects with you! Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to visit my little corner of the internet.

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PSSSSST I just added a second stone wall in my house!

I’m at over 140 square feet of stone veneer for $2.11 / square foot!!

Don’t leave with out finding out how!













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