Free Printable Weekly Planner for Weight Loss, New Years Resolution

Free Printable Weekly Planner for Weight Loss, New Years Resolution
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Hello everyone!

Thanks for stopping by to grab my free download and print

Weekly Planner designed for those who are dieting!

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Planning on making a New Year’s Resolution for weight loss?  I would never in a million years give anyone dieting advice, but I did make this for my own use because I find that smaller more attainable short term goals work better for me personally.  The idea is basically, let’s say you have 10 lbs to lose and you think you could probably lose 2 lbs a week.  You’d print out 5 sheets and each would be a short term goal, week 1 – 2 lbs, week 2 – 2 lbs etc.

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Failing to plan, is planning to fail

-Benjamin Franklin


I hope you find these useful, I know I will.

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